DIALOGUES展 ~ダブルスx3連続国際展~ 第1回展「ひかりのまち」 シャーロット・マクグワン=グリフィン × 栗山斉



What is the light you see in Nihonbashi?  Is it the dim light from Japanese paper screen in Edo era?  Or is it the glittering neon lights in today?  It is not so simple to talk about lights like that, but you make feel the existential lights throughout the ages in the history.
In this exhibition, you will enjoy the collaboration of art works using neon tubes and Japanese traditional paper.




Charlotte McGowan­Griffin is a British artist born in London. After earning Master degree at Goldsmith College, she has based in Berlin.
Paper cutting, a process of creation by subtraction, entails a paradox whereby form is usually delineated by what is removed or cut away – its negative counterpart. While She has worked with this medium/process since 1999, she has more recently focused on a process she calls “cutting in”, as opposed to the more traditional technique of “cutting out”. The technique rarely involves the removal of paper, and leads to large-scale sculptural works and installations, often temporal in nature.





1979年 兵庫県生まれ。2011年 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術領域博士後期課程修了 博士(美術)。「無」と「存在」について作品制作を通じて探求しています。近年では「0=1」という独自の仮説を打ち立て、「無」と「存在」が同等であることを作品によって現象的に実証する試みを行っています。主な活動に、「宇宙の中の私の宇宙」eNarts(京都)、「data and vision」AKI gallery(台北)、「0, 1, and visions」Venice Projects(ベニス)、「第54回ベニスビエンナーレcollateral event Glasstress」ムラーノ島旧ガラス工場(ベニス)、「Drifting Images」BODA(ソウル)、「What Dwells Inside」S12 Galleri og Verksted(ベルゲン)など。

Hitoshi Kuriyama was born in 1979 in Hyogo, Japan. He earned a Ph.D. in Inter-Media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts (2011). In his works, he explores equivalency in conflicting ideas such as “existence” and “non-existence” or “creation” and “destruction,” and demonstrates them from a scientific perspective. He has theorized the hypothesis “0=1” and attempts to prove it through his works. He has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide such as “data and vision” Aki gallery (Taipei), “0,1, and visions” Venice Project (Venice), “GLASSTRESS 2011” collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale (Venice), “Drifting Images” BODA (Soul), and ”What Dwells Inside” S12 Galleri og Verksted (Bergen).






DIALOGUES展 – 第1回展「ひかりのまち」
シャーロット・マクグワン=グリフィン(ロンドン / ベルリン)× 栗山斉(茨城)
2015年1月16日(金) – 1月31日(土) 11:00 – 18:00
定休日|日曜日・月曜日・火曜日 (週休3日間)
オープニングレセプション|1月16日(金) 18:00 – 20:00
クロス・トーク|1月17日(土) 16:00 – 18:00
会場|NICA: Nihonbshi Institute of Contemporary Arts


DIALOGUES 1st “Light Town” (Hikari no Machi)
Charlotte McGowan-Griffin (Berlin/London) x Hitoshi Kuriyama (Ibaraki)
16th Jan-31st Jan 2015

Visiting Hours|Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00
Opening Reception|16th January 2015, 18:00 – 20:00
Crosstalk|17th January 2015, 16:00-18:00
Venue|NICA: Nihonbshi Institute of Contemporary Arts





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